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Bernese Mountain Dog Upcoming Specialties

General Specialty Information

Show Committee Chair Job Descriptions

The following documents provide a bulleted outline of each Committee Chair's duties and respondsibilities.

Volunteers performing in a Chair position should request accompanying 'Chapters' from the Specialty Manual from the Show Chair.


The Specialty Manual's 'Chapters' provide helpful in depth explanations, tips, how-to's and details involved in accomplishing job related tasks.

Rotation Zones for Hosting National Specialties

There are three geographic zones used for rotating BMDCA National Specialties around the country and identifying host clubs or consortiums in the three geographic locations of East-Central-West. These zones are formulated around geographic areas and regional clubs.

The clubs in each zone will be contacted four years ahead of their scheduled specialty. Each club of the zone has the option of participating, either as host or co-host, or not participating at all. Should more than one club or consortium of clubs want to host the National event, each group will formulate a proposal to present to the BMDCA so a decision can be made about the feasibility and cost effectiveness of each proposal. Determination of site will be made by the Board and communicated to those clubs who have submitted a proposal. If, after six months, no clubs or individuals in a particular zone and year wish to host, bidding for that year will be opened to the other two regions and regional clubs within those regions. If, after another six months, no hosting bids have been received, the decisions regarding that years specialty will fall to the BMDCA Board and National Specialty Committee.

  • BMDCA Regional Clubs

    • Nashoba Valley

    • Finger Lakes

    • Central VA

    • Blue Ridge

    • Potomac Valley

    • Mason Dixon

    • Chattahoochee

    • Piedmont

    • Three Rivers

    • Watchung

    • Hampton Roads


    • Alabama

    • Arkansas

    • Connecticut

    • Delaware

    • Florida

    • Georgia

    • Kentucky

    • Louisiana

    • Maine

    • Maryland

    • Massachusetts

    • Mississippi

    • New Hampshire

    • New Jersey

    • New York

    • North Carolina

    • Pennsylvania

    • Rhode Island

    • South Carolina

    • Tennessee

    • Vermont

    • Virginia

    • Washington DC

    • West Virginia

  • BMDCA Regional Clubs

    • NE Illinois

    • Rockies

    • Heartland

    • North Coast OH

    • SE Wisconsin

    • Buckeye

    • Heart of MI

    • Twin Cities

    • Grand Canyon

    • Lone Star


    • Arizona

    • Colorado

    • Illinois

    • Indiana

    • Iowa

    • Kansas

    • Michigan

    • Minnesota

    • Missouri

    • Nebraska

    • New Mexico

    • North Dakota

    • Ohio

    • Oklahoma

    • South Dakota

    • Texas

    • Utah

    • Wisconsin

    • Wyoming

  • BMDCA Regional Clubs

    • Northern CA

    • Sierra West

    • Southern CA

    • Alaska

    • Greater Seattle

    • Oregon

    • Inland NW


    • Alaska

    • California

    • Idaho

    • Montana

    • Nevada

    • Oregon

    • Washington

Specialty Contacts

  • Dottie Schultie| Specialty Coordinator

  • Nancy Van Horne| Budget Planning & Management Chair

    ​Kathy DeHart | BMDCA Specialty Treasurer
    28982 S Dalmation Rd.
    Mulino, OR 97042

    Please contact the annual Specialty Show Chair for procedures and to obtain the necessary approvals and forms for specialty payments/reimbursements. Annual Committee Chair's collection of payments/fees - please note: Any checks, money orders or payments collected by any specialty committee chair must be sent to Kathy in a timely manner — please do not hold onto checks.
    Contact the annual Show Chair to obtain a copy of the CASH/CHECK TRANSMITTAL FORM which must accompany cash/checks sent to Kathy.

  • Nancy Van Horne| General Event Information Contact

    Stephanie Biksacky | National OB, Rally, Tracking Chair

    Dottie Schulte| National Conformation Chair

  • Susan Henderson| National Specialty Judges Selection Chair/Moderator

  • Candy Konicki| Medallion Plaque Award Chair

  • Sandy Dunaway| Planning Booklet Development Manager

  • Annie McDannold | Specialty Site Development

    Susan Henderson| Online Store Management


2024 – Central US – March 31 – April 6, 2024, Gray Summit, MO

2025 – Eastern US -  April 27 – May 3, 2025, Gettysburg, PA

2026 – Western US – May 9 – May 16, 2026, near Portland, OR - Albany Fairgrounds

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