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Volunteer Opportunities within BMDCA

Unless otherwise indicated in the specific job posting, interested parties should contact:

Karen Petersen

Corresponding Secretary


HELP WANTED: Ad Sales Job for The Alpenhorn:


The inside ad sales manager is responsible for generating ad revenue within our member community by marketing The Alpenhorn and the benefits of advertising therein. The ad sales manager also generates ideas for ad templates, promotions and specials to boost ad sales in each issue. Additionally, the manager acts as a liaison between the advertiser and the ad designer, ensuring the designer has the content needed and the advertiser is aware of all policies and deadlines.

This volunteer role is vital to the continued production of The Alpenhorn, as ad sales are the sole source of revenue for the magazine.

​Full Job Description
Posted for Lara Usilton, The Alpenhorn Editor-in-Chief If you are interested in this job, please contact Lara at:




The BMDCA Yearbook Editor is looking for a few additional volunteers that have a bit of technical skill to assist with this wonderful Publication. We would like volunteers that can work with / edit PDF files and do some basic manipulation of photos, such as resizing, cropping, and adjusting DPI. We do not need someone with Photoshop skills, but if you have them that would be a bonus! The volunteers would need to be available for about 3 months between April and July.

Please contact Teresa Dominguez for more information.



Ways and Means is in need of someone who can fulfill orders that are received. This individual needs to have space to organize and store Ways & Means items for sale, receive and fulfill orders in a timely fashion, be comfortable using USPS and Pirate Ship to process orders, and be able to deliver items to the post office for shipping.

Please contact Jon Weir for more information.


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