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Membership application for US based
Membership application for Canada
Membership application for International

General Questions

Is there already a BMDCA member or applicant in your household?

Are all of the Bernese Mountain Dogs that you currently own/co-own in the Berner-Garde Database?

Have all of the litters you have bred or breed sired by your stud dog been entered in the Berner-Garde Database?

To begin the application process, answer the first three questions then click on the flag most appropriate to your location.

Please make sure not to exit the page before you see

the "Your membership application has been received!" screen

How to apply for Membership to the BMDCA

Membership Application

Please complete the following form. Each individual must have their own application.

Please note that your name, address, and telephone number, together with the names of your sponsors, will be published in the club's next scheduled Berner Bulletin (newsletter). Members will be allowed 30 days to file an objection in writing to any individual's membership application. Applicants will be elected by the Board of Directors at the next scheduled meeting following the 30-day review period, or by written vote of the Board of Directors.

Because of the timing of things (publish potential applicant, 30-day review, board vote), be aware that the BMDCA membership process can take from three to six months.

You may apply for membership online using a credit card or PayPal account, or print and mail your application with a check.

If you have a question about new membership, please contact Andrea Bracikowski, New Membership Chair, at

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