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What is the Histiocytic Sarcoma Risk Test / Antagene

Histiocytic Sarcoma Risk Test

2024 shipping update:

For shipments from US and Canada, it’s strongly recommended to get an import authorization from Antagene.  This will minimize processing time with French customs and reduce confusion at the post office.  Contact their customer service at about a week before you’re ready to ship your package.  Provide the following information:

  • Contact details (first/last name, email address, address, phone number)

  • Sampling type (blood or cheek swab)

  • Sample quantity

  • For histiocytic sarcoma risk test for bernese mt dogs

They will then email you the document.  Include one copy inside your package, and another copy on the outside of the package.

About Histiocytic Sarcoma

Histiocytic sarcoma is an aggressive cancer in dogs; Bernese Mountain Dogs are one of the more commonly affected breeds. It is a cancer of the histiocytes, cells responsible for immune function, which are present in the lymph nodes and a number of organs. No treatment is effective to date, and the disease is fatal. Different forms include localized histiocytic sarcoma, disseminated histiocytic sarcoma and hemophagocytic histiocytic sarcoma.


Localized histiocytic sarcoma occurs most often in bones, joints, skin and lungs. Disseminated histiocytic sarcoma affects multiple organs/tissues at the same time. Hemophagocytic histiocytic sarcoma starts within the spleen and progresses rapidly.

  • When you have entered your new dog into your list of 'my animals', click on the shopping cart to the right of their name, and scroll down to Histiocytic Sarcoma, and 'add to my order'.  Then go to your shopping cart at the top of the page under your account, and follow the prompts to make payment.


  • If this is the first time you've done a histio test, you'll need to sign and also send the memorandum of agreement. You only need to do this once, not per dog.


  • Include these in your shipment to Antagene, along with a copy of your invoice.

  • Schedule a vet appointment for a blood draw. Ask your vet to draw 2 ml of blood using a lavender top EDTA tube. IMPORTANT: ANTAGENE Sample Certificates MUST BE SIGNED & STAMPED by the vet's office in section 4.


  • Keep blood draw refrigerated until you ship it. Bloodwork should be sent within a few days.

  • Package in an insulated envelope, small box or insulated box. Include a gel freezer pack in a Ziploc bag. In a second Ziploc bag for the blood vial crumple paper and put it between the vial and gel pack so the vial doesn't touch the freezer pack — you don't want the blood to freeze. Ship via USPS for overnight delivery (NOT Fedex or UPS). On the customs form, write the following statements:


  • You will receive your results by email. Once you receive your results, do the following:

  • The MOST important step is to go to your Antagene account and put your dog in the HSIMS database. This is how you will be able to do test matings, the most important tool for this test. Here are detailed instructions for using the Histiocytic Sarcoma Index Mate Selection (HSIMS) tool.

To purchase a new test from the Antagene website, log in to your Antagene account. Then click on 'My animals'. Click on ‘+ Add an animal’ (see green button on right side of the screenshot below) then add the dogs you want tested to your account.

Order and processing shipment for Histiocytic Sarcoma Risk Test

How to purchase an Antagene Risk Test

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