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The Bernese Mountain Dog Club of America ("BMDCA") Breed Ambassador Program is a volunteer, member-supported referral program that was created for the education of potential puppy owners/purchasers. This program will provide the public with contact information for participating members in their area of the country and beyond, through which the public may network to find breed information as well as BMDCA member breeders.

Participants in the BMDCA Breed Ambassador Program are individuals who have:

  • been approved by the BMDCA's Board of Directors;

  • been a BMDCA member in good standing for at least five years;

  • currently own, or have owned, a Bernese Mountain Dog for at least five years;

  • enter and maintain up-to-date health and other data in the Berner-Garde database on all current Bernese Mountain Dogs owned or co-owned;

  • agreed to fully support and abide by the most current version of the BMDCA Code of Conduct (COC); and, if a BMDCA member who breeds, further agree to comply with those BMDCA requirements and standards specified in the COC for breeders.

Educational information, resource materials and/or referrals provided to the public by Breed Ambassadors are reliable but not guaranteed. Information offered to the public by Breed Ambassadors is for educational purposes only; and the BMDCA assumes no liability for any information imparted by BMDCA's Breed Ambassadors.

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