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Service Agreement for BMDCA Breed Ambassador

1. BREED AMBASSADOR VOLUNTEER: I _________________________________ (fill in name) hereby volunteer to serve as a Breed Ambassador for the Bernese  Mountain Dog Club of America (BMDCA). As a Breed Ambassador I understand and  agree to the terms of this Service Agreement as stated below. 

2. QUALIFICATIONS AND CRITERIA: I understand the following criteria and qualifications for Participation in the Breed Ambassador Program, and I certify that I  meet these qualifications and agree to abide by these criteria: 

  • I am currently a BMDCA member and have been a member in good standing for at least  five years; 

  • I currently own, or have owned, a Bernese Mountain Dog for at least five years;  

  • I enter and maintain up-to-date health and other data in the Berner-Garde database on  all current Bernese Mountain Dogs I own or co-own. 

  • I fully support and agree to abide by the most current version of the BMDCA Code of Conduct, and, if I am a BMDCA member who breeds, I further agree to comply with those BMDCA requirements and standards specified for breeders. 

3. TERM OF SERVICE: I understand that as a Breed Ambassador I am appointed by and  serve at the sole discretion of the Board of Directors of the BMDCA. This is a volunteer  position that I may resign at any time, or my service as a Breed Ambassador may be  discontinued at any time by the BMDCA Board of Directors. As part of the selection  process I further understand that my name will be published in the BMDCA Bulletin for  member comment, and the BMDCA Board of Directors will address any issues that  might arise in a timely and appropriate manner.

4. PURPOSE: I understand that the Purpose of the Breed Ambassador Program is to  provide people interested in Bernese Mountain Dogs (BMD) with basic information about the breed, the BMDCA, the regional BMD clubs, and generic information about how to  find responsible BMD breeders. The Breed Ambassador Program also provides  information regarding resources provided by the BMDCA and other approved sources  (e.g., AKC, regional BMD clubs, the Berner-Garde Foundation) that maybe of assistance in the breeder/puppy search. Such resources may include the BMDCA Info Series, the AKC Breed Standard, the BMDCA Online Breeder Referral Program, BMD Compatibility  Profiler, Berner-Garde database, BMD regional club websites, and similar resources.

5. RESPONSIBILITIES: I understand that my Responsibilities as a Breed Ambassador include providing the following types of information and assistance to people who are  interested in Bernese Mountain Dogs and who come to me for assistance through the  Breed Steward Program: 

  • Explain the Breed Ambassador Program, including its purpose, scope and limitations; 

  • Provide information and answer questions about Bernese Mountain Dogs as a breed  (history, breed standard, general nature, health issues, socialization/puppy training,  grooming/hygiene, etc.); 

  • Help individuals and families assess whether the BMD is the “right breed” or a good  choice for them; 

  • Assist in obtaining an informed and balanced understanding of the pros and cons  associated with BMD’s (e.g., health issues and potential costs, longevity, exercise  requirements, grooming needs, socialization/training needs, etc.); 

  • Provide general guidance in understanding the importance of health clearances,  information contained in pedigrees, information available in the Berner-Garde database,  and, generally how to use Berner-Garde in basic and generic breeder/litter evaluation; 

  • Share information about what responsible breeders do and why, and point out tools that  will help the individual become an informed and educated buyer; 

  • Help the puppy buyer understand what tools are available on the BMDCA website about  puppy rearing; 

  • Help the puppy buyer understand the importance of entering the puppy’s health information into the Berner-Garde database throughout the dog’s life; 

  • Using the BMDCA Info Series and other appropriate tools, illustrate the versatile nature  of the BMD and identify materials that are available to help a BMD owner get started in  various activities with his/her dog; 

  • Acquaint interested parties with the values of club membership at the national and  regional level and how to’s for pursuing membership.


6. LIMITATIONS: I understand that there are limitations to my responsibilities as a Breed  Ambassador and I agree that I will:  

  • Help the inquiring parties understand that some topics (e.g. breeding mentoring) and  levels of question complexity (e.g., health or training beyond basic health and training questions) are outside of the scope of the Breed Ambassador Program, and ask the inquirer to redirect such questions to an outside professional – e.g., the dog’s breeder, a  veterinarian, a professional dog trainer, etc.  

  • Not answer any question for which I don’t have the knowledge and I will seek the  assistance of the Breed Ambassador Program Chair/Administrator for guidance; 

  • Direct those wanting specific BMD breeder referrals only to the BMDCA Online Breeder  Referral Program and BMDCA member breeders within the geography the person is  willing to travel to purchase a puppy/dog. 

Please read through the agreement and submit the form below:


Thanks for Your Submission!

Breed Ambassadors who provide information to the general public

Breed Ambassador Application

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