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- National Specialty -

April 6 - April 12


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Bernese Mountain Dog Club
of Central Virginia

Bernese Mountain Dog Club
of Hampton Roads

Blue Ridge
Bernese Mountain Dog Club

Chattahoochee Valley
Bernese Mountain Dog Club

Mason Dixon
Bernese Mountain Dog Club

Potomac Valley
Bernese Mountain Dog Club


Celebrate your Bernese Mountain Dog by placing an advertisement in the 2014 BMDCA National Specialty Catalog featuring two new exciting advertising categories* for maximum exposure!

Catalog Advertising Rates

♦ General Submissions
    Full Page including 1 picture $75.00
    Full Page Text Only $60.00
    ½ Page including 1 picture $45.00
    ½ Page Text Only $30.00
    ¼ Page, available in text only $20.00

♦ In Loving Memory
    Memorial Full Page including 1 picture $70.00
    Memorial ½ Page including 1 picture $40.00
    Memorial Honorable Mention List $10.00*

♦ *International Breeder Directory Ad(s) will be included in a special "Breeders of the World" section; foreign and domestic breeders welcomed!
    1 Full Page ad with 1 picture, text and catalog included ** $90.00
    2 Page Special Spread - 2 pictures, text and catalog included ** $160.00*

♦ *Pride in Performance
Highlight your dog's performance/working/therapy accomplishments in "Pride in Performance" section!
    1 Full Page with 1 picture and catalog included **$90.00
    2 Page Special Spread - 2 pictures, catalog included ** $160.00

**Shipped within the United States, extra postage applies for foreign shipments; catalogs may be picked up at the Specialty.

DEADLINE: February 24, 2013

NOTE: All ads identifying a specific dog must list the dog's name and Berner Garde number.

• The measurements for ad size is 4½" x 7 3/16" for a full page, 4½" x 3 9/16" for a half page, and 4½" x 1¾" for a quarter page. Please do not exceed these measurements as reductions may affect final ad size.
• Original photographs (Ex. show photographs, other professional photographs, snapshots, etc.) always reproduce the best. Reprinted photographs & inkjet photographs reproduce the poorest.
• All submitted material on disk must be accompanied by a printed copy along with the exact file name of the file to be used. This assures that the information submitted is correct (layout, copy, and any artwork including photos) as to what is to be expected in catalog reproduction. NOTE: Do not send images placed in a MSWord doc as the only image to be used. Please send the original photograph or include a disk with the photo.
• Acceptable photo formats: .tif - color or grayscale: 4½" wide @ 200 dpi OR black & white: 4½" wide @ 400 dpi; .jpg - color or grayscale: 200 dpi @ minimum quality.
OR black & white: 400 dpi @ minimum quality; .pdf; or Microsoft Word .doc.

If the fonts that you choose to set your ad in are not available to the Superintendent, the fonts will be changed to the closest match available. Do not send us your fonts; we cannot accept outside fonts.

All ads must be paid in full at time of February 24th deadline. Any ads not paid in full by the deadline will not appear in publication.



By Mail: Send ads with high resolution/reproduction quality photos and payment (in US funds) to:
Joanne Gerow
2014 Catalog Ad Chair
897 Briscoe Road
Swan Lake, NY 12783
Please provide contact phone numbers (daytime & evening), e-mail address, and home address in case the disk(s) do not reach us in operating order, are not usable, or are missing information.
Online: Pay by credit card at the BMDCA online store http://www.bmdca-store.org and email ad copy/photos to Joanne Gerow at indianhillbernese@gmail.com. Please include "2014 Catalog Ad" in subject line.