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- 1968 -

In 1968 the BMDCA was formed.


- 1973 -

In November the American Kennel Club granted sanctioned status to the BMDCA.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Question: My club asked me to submit results. How do I submit results?
Answer: Thank you! It will be easiest if you submit results either in a spreadsheet or a simple word/text document, with each placement displayed on its own line (even if the same dog got two placements, please list separately). The only data we need is the placement (such as BOB, AOM, etc.), the full registered name (include AKC and BMDCA titles only), and, if you are willing to add this information, the correct Berner-Garde ID number for the dog. Email this file to Specialty Results and make sure the subject line includes the regional club's name and the data of the event. If there was a judge change, please note that in the email as well.

Question: Why aren't the results for a show listed?
Answer: There are several reasons a show's results haven't been posted:
      ⋄ The event was never listed on the BMDCA Calendar. In order for a Regional Specialty to have results listed, the Website Committee Calendar Coordinator must have received sufficient information to post it.
      ⋄ The results haven't been sent to the Website Committee Specialty Results person for Regional Specialty Results
      ⋄ The Regional Specialty Results data haven't been updated yet. Data for the BMDCA is usually updated every two weeks on a Thursday. Check Site Update to check when the last data update occurred.
      ⋄ There was an issue with the data received, such as conflicting results (i.e., results on the Superintendent's site or AKC does not match), or a winner's information cannot be found in Berner-Garde.

Question: Why aren't shows like Eukanuba and Westminster listed?
Answer: These are not events sponsored by the BMDCA or BMDCA regional clubs. While these are special shows, the results for these shows can be found on the specific well-funded commercial sites designed for each event.

Question: What results can be displayed?
Answer: All awards outside of class wins can be displayed (Awards from Reserve Winners on up may be listed; class placements 1-4 are not listed). Basically, if it's a ribbon that's not first through fourth, the result can be listed, including for Sweepstakes. Additionally, High in Trial, High Scoring BMD in Trial, High Combined, Best Junior, and Reserve Best Junior can be entered, if there was Obedience and/or BMD-only Juniors competition at the Specialty.

Question: My dog won such-and-such award (e.g., Winners Dog). Why wasn't it listed?
Answer: The event results sent to the Website Committee did not include that award. Sorry!

Question: Why aren't supported entry results listed?
Answer: That's a possibility for the future, if desired. At this point, we chose to start with just the Regional Specialties, but did make allowances to add additional sponosored events, just so long as they appear on the BMDCA Events Calendar.

Question: How long will results remain posted?
Answer: Updates to the data will appear for approximately 18 months, which should allow up to two years of shows to be displayed under a club's individual page. This number was chosen because some clubs have needed to move from their traditional date to a new date, either temporarily or permanently. Displaying more than this would just result in a lot of scroll. In the future, when the amount of results allow, there may be a page for each year's results to display permanently.

Question: Can Rally results be listed?
Answer: No. AKC does not allow for High in Trial for Rally. While some clubs have offered a High Combined Excellent and Advanced prize, it is also not officially an award in AKC. If this does change in AKC rules, that may be added at a later date.

Question: Can we add win photos?
Answer: Not on BMDCA. That would be a wonderful addition to the Regional Club's website.