Regional Clubs - Continued Recognition

In June 2017, the BMDCA Board approved the following minimum requirements for Regional Clubs to maintain their BMDCA recognition status. These requirements are intended to ensure that those Regional Clubs listed on the BMDCA website are functioning as a club and provide activities for Bernese enthusiasts within their areas.

  • 1.   Conduct regular scheduled meetings and yearly elections.
  • 2.   Maintain a regional club website or social media site (update at least once a quarter).
  • 3.   Maintain communication with membership on events and notices through any of the following; newsletter, email, website and/or social media site.
  • 4.   Update regional club calendar events on the BMDCA events calendar at least once a quarter.
  • 5.   Ensure that the BMDCA Regional Clubs page is up to date with the club website and/or social media site link to include club officers and rescue contacts.
  • 6.   Maintain Club Insurance.
  • 7.   Maintain a Rescue program.
  • 8.   Maintain the club's state articles of incorporation 501c7.

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