Regional Club Formation

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Regional Bernese Mountain Dog Club Formation


1.   Affiliation with the parent club shows cooperation at the local and national level in promoting the best interests of Bernese Mountain Dogs. A regional club is looked upon by the parent club as a valuable source of ideas at the grass roots level in keeping abreast of meeting the needs of Bernese Mountain Dogs.

2.   Once recognized, the club is entitled to a representative on the Regional Club Council.

3.   Supported entry at an all-breed show may be accomplished through requesting the BMDCA to support the entry of Bernese Mountain Dogs at a show selected by the regional club.

4.   Recognized regional clubs are eligible to submit bids to host the BMDCA National Specialty. It has been through regional clubs that BMDCA national specialties have been held. This is an invaluable service to the breed. The BMDCA looks forward to the future when those clubs that wish to seek and achieve AKC-Accreditation and subsequent Licensing will host their own regional specialty shows.

5.   The club is offered the continued support of the BMDCA and is encouraged to seek its assistance with regard to bylaws and other areas where the BMDCA may be of help.


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