Regional Club Formation

Planning for...
Regional Bernese Mountain Dog Club Formation


  • 1.   Maintain records. From the first meeting, keep minutes. List motions at the end or the beginning of minutes, so they be easily referenced. Prepare and abide by a constitution and bylaws. Publish a club newsletter on a regular basis. Let everyone in the club know about activities with as much notice as possible.
  • 2.   Hold club meetings in locations where dogs may attend. Schedule meetings on a regular basis at a specified time. Allow time for socializing before and after the meeting. Rotate providing hospitality with two or three different people furnishing refreshments. Although tailgate gatherings held following Bernese judging at all-breed events promote fellowship, club meetings should be separate events.
  • 3.   Plan club activities in which the majority of the members are interested. If there is a large pet owner population in the club, Berner Walks and Berner Fun Days should be planned in addition to conformation and obedience matches. Rather than over-zealously planning a large number of activities, work within limitations that will result in successful events with the workload/involvement being fairly distributed.
  • 4.   Offer educational programs, such as health, draft work, obedience or conformation tips, grooming, stewarding, and breed standard. Acquaint members with the variety of non-conformation events that are open to Berners as well as the various awards that can be achieved by Berners through membership in the BMDCA. Since new Bernese owners can benefit most from belonging to a regional club, programs to meet their needs should be included periodically.
  • 5.   Explain things so that newcomers are not mystified by the jargon of dog people. Everyone was once new to dogs.
  • 6.   Involve the membership in planning and running activities. Include new people in club committees and offices to eliminate the formation of cliques. Form standing committees in such areas as Programs, Rescue (required by the BMDCA), Puppy Referral, Bylaws, Health, and Historian.
  • 7.   Require that anyone asked to volunteer or to perform some work for the club be present to accept or decline rather than being name in absentia.
  • 8.   Nominate non-controversial people as club officers. Try to have elections for officers where it is not necessary to have two people running for the same office.
  • 9.   Enjoy the fellowship of working together in behalf of Berners.
  • 10.   Submit, to the The Alpenhorn, in accordance with publication deadlines, notice of club meetings and events for inclusion in the "The Berner Bulletin Board." These will also appear on the BMDCA website.

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