♦ The BMDCA offers two programs to direct puppy buyers to Bernese breeders. ♦

►  The BMDCA Online Breeder Referral is an opt-in member privilege created to assist potential puppy owners with making contact with BMDCA members who breed.

BMDCA members who are interested in joining the Online Breeder Referral program should contact the OLBR Chief Administrator by email — this email address is not for referrals.

To locate breeders use this link instead.

►  The BMDCA Breed Ambassadors program is a network of BMDCA members who are experienced breeders and owners and have volunteered to make themselves available to talk with you, answer your questions, and assist you in your search for a breeder and a puppy. Please review the Breed Ambassadors Program disclaimer.

For more information on the BMDCA Breed Ambassadors program please contact the Breed Ambassadors Chair.

To locate breeders use this link instead.

►   Bernese Mountain Dog breeders can also be located through the BMDCA Regional Clubs system. Club members are always happy to talk dogs, and most welcome the opportunity to educate people about our breed! If you are new to the breed and have not had an opportunity to meet many Berners, attending club events is a great way to meet a number of different dogs and see them working, playing, showing and interacting with other people and pets.