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On-Line Breeder Referral

♦ Terms of Use ♦

The Bernese Mountain Dog Club of America (BMDCA) On-Line Breeder Referral Program ("OLBR") is an opt-in privilege for BMDCA Members who breed ("Breeder") who have been a member of BMDCA in good standing for a minimum of two consecutive years.

  • By signing this document, Breeder agrees to the following Terms of Use:
    •  • Breeder may only post Litter Announcements and Current Breedings for which he or she is the Breeder of Record.
    •  • Breeder may only post Litter Announcements and Current Breedings for litters which may be registered with the American Kennel Club or Canadian Kennel Club.
    •  • Breeder may only post Litter Announcements and Current Breedings for sires and dams with a full four-generation pedigree listed in Berner-Garde Foundation's Open Database.
    •  • Breeder agrees to respond courteously and in a timely manner to all Potential Puppy Owner inquiries generated through OLBR.
    •  • Breeder will keep password information secure. Breeder is wholly responsible any action taken under his or her account.
    •  • Breeder will adhere to the tenets and spirit of the BMDCA Code of Conduct.
  • The OLBR Administrators and BMDCA Board may suspend or remove an account without prior notification to the Breeder if:
    •  • Breeder is under suspension from the American Kennel Club, Canadian Kennel Club, and/or Bernese Mountain Dog Club of America or any of its recognized regional clubs.
    •  • Breeder found to be posting inaccurate or deceitful information (including, but not limited to, entering listings for which he or she is not the Breeder of Record).
    •  • Breeder account appears to have been compromised.
    •  • E-mail address of Breeder is invalid or blocks or bounces E-mail from BMDCA Board or OLBR Administrators.

Additionally, Breeder agrees that any OLBR Administrator may modify and/or remove any listing with or without notice to the Breeder.

Breeder further agrees to any update to the Terms of Use. Breeder may opt-out of the program by E-mail or written notice to OLBR Chief Administrator. Breeder may not reapply for 12 months following opting out of the program.

OLBR listing is a privilege of BMDCA not an automatic right and the privilege may be revoked at any time. BMDCA takes no responsibility for actions of Breeders on the site, nor any responsibility for Potential Puppy Owners referred by the site. Breeders who violate any of the Terms of Use are subject to immediate suspension or removal from the program, as well as face disciplinary charges under BMDCA Constitution By-Laws Article VI.