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BMDCA's On-Line Breeder Referral
Frequently Asked Questions By Breeders

How can I sign up?
To sign up for the On-Line Breeder Referral Program (OLBR), you must review and sign this agreement, and mail it the OLBR Chief Administrator. Once received, you will receive an email from an OLBR administrator with information on how to log in. Please make sure to review all of this FAQ page.

How much does it cost?
The OLBR is an opt-in privilege of BMDCA membership. There is no additional cost to members. Non-members may not participate.

What is the purpose of the program?
By offering online breeder referrals to potential puppy owners (PPOs), the BMDCA can fulfill objectives in its constitution (as outlined in Article I, Section 2) by offering qualified leads and educational information while simultaneous countering the "ease of purchase" and misinformation proffered by breeders and brokers using the internet as a marketing tool.

What does BMDCA expect of Breeders using this program?
The expectations are to adhere to the tenets and the spirit of the Code of Conduct, and to respond courteously and in a timely manner to all Potential Puppy Owner inquiries.

The success or failure of this program resides solely in the hands of members who are involved in breeding. Members will be 100% responsible for the quality of the content.

Do I have to respond to every PPO inquiry?
Yes. A large purpose of this program is to help educate PPOs on the hallmarks of a reputable breeder and be assisted in making contact with a reputable breeder. While not every PPO will be right for the breed or for your breeding program, remember that unresponsiveness, rudeness, etc. drives the PPO straight into the hands of less-than-reputable sources for puppies.

I'm not planning on a litter for some time. Should I participate?
Absolutely! A large purpose of this program is to help educate PPOs on the hallmarks of a reputable breeder and be assisted in making contact with a reputable breeder. You can help guide the next generation of Berner owners on their journey.

I don't have a website or check my email very often. Can I participate?
Yes. You will still be responsible for entering your listings and making sure your information is up-to-date, but you can offer to have PPOs contact you by phone. You can set this with each litter entry, as well as in "My Preferences" to have your telephone be the primary method of contact.

Can I fax/email my sign-up form?
The On-Line Breeder Referral Committee prefers that the form is signed and sent by regular mail to the designated recipient.

I've forgotten my password and/or login ID. Who do I contact?
Your login ID is your email address, as listed in the BMDCA membership handbook. If you've forgotten your password, please contact the OLBR Chief Administrator to have your password reset.

How do I withdraw from the program?
To withdraw from the program, please contact the OLBR Chief Administrator. Keep in mind, you will not be able to rejoin the OLBR for 12 months; you will need to complete the sign-up form again at that time.

I'm planning a litter for later this year; when can I enter the listing?
Once the breeding has been completed, you may enter it into the system.

I'm a BMDCA member, but the stud owner is not. Can I enter the litter?
If you are the breeder of record and the stud and dam are both in Berner-Garde, then yes, you can enter the litter.

Why am I not showing up in the listings?
Once a litter has reached 12 weeks of age, it will no longer be displayed.

I've spotted incorrect information in a listing. Who do I contact?
Please contact the OLBR Chief Administrator. We want the site to be as accurate as possible.

Can I enter a litter for someone that used my stud dog?
No. Only the breeder of record may enter a litter. However, stud owners are encouraged to sign up for the OLBR. You will show up in PPO searches.

Can I put in a litter for someone else?
No. Only the breeder of record may enter a litter.

What is the difference between a Current Breeding and a Litter Announcement?
A "Litter Announcement" means that the puppies are on the ground and you've entered the total males and total females.

Can an Administrator enter my data for me?
No. This is not the job of the administrators. Administrators can edit or remove incorrect data, but cannot add entries for anyone but themselves.

Why must I enter the stud and dam's Berner-Garde number?
By entering the stud and dam's Berner-Garde identification number, potential puppy owners can look up the health certifications, titles, etc. on the parents of the litter. It's an educational opportunity for the puppy owner and provides transparency that is the hallmark of a responsible breeder.

How do I get a stud or dam listed in Berner-Garde?
You can get that information added through the Berner-Garde Foundation Submission forms.

How do I handle multiple sires used on a dam?
You can enter each sire individually, or just enter one of the sires.

The breeding did not take. What do I do?
Edit the listing and use the checkbox that indicates "Breeding did not take". This will immediately remove the listing from search results.

Why was my account suspended?
An account will be suspended if your account is suspected of being compromised, emails to your listed account bounce, your membership has lapsed (as indicated in Berner-Garde), you have been suspended from the BMDCA or AKC, or you have incurred other violations of the Terms of Use.

I no longer use the email address listed on the account. What do I do?
Log in with old email address and change it. The next time you log in, you should use the new email address you entered. Please make sure this new email address is also supplied to Berner-Garde, as this will also be the data source for the BMDCA Membership Handbook.

If you have a question that is not answered by this FAQ, please contact the OLBR Chief Administrator.