BMDCA International Relations Committee

The International Relations Committee (IRC) was established to assist the BMDCA in communicating with all international clubs for Bernese Mountain Dogs. Our committee's goals are to improve information sharing between these clubs and the members of the BMDCA and to identify common breed related interests. Some of these topics are: health issues; breed management; legal issues that may affect the importation or exportation of dogs; breed stewardship; and major club events in different countries. An important goal of the committee is to create an environment for cooperation and timely exchange of information between our various alliance members.

Fluent in a foreign language? Willing to function as a translator for the IRC... please email the the BMDCA International Relations Chair.

Our first international gathering was held in May 2005, at our National Specialty in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania. A meeting was held between members of the International Relations Committee, BMDCA Board members and representatives of several foreign clubs who were attending our Specialty. Some topics of common interest were health screenings and differences in breeding practices from country to country. This event was a small step towards increasing communication and the information exchange between the international Berner clubs. Participants in the 2005 Specialty meeting included representatives from eight different countries. From this meeting came many requests for BMDCA members to attend upcoming club functions in other countries.

The BMDCA sponsors an International Relations Committee meeting coinciding with our National Specialty. For further information please contact the BMDCA International Relations Chair.

Please help us:

To obtain our goals and facilitate worldwide communications, the IRC would like to encourage our international Berner community members to identify other Bernese Mountain Dog Clubs; providing background and membership information, website address to the BMDCA International Relations Chair. Please include any upcoming events or shows that might be of interest to our international Berner community. In addition, if you wish to participate in the planning of an upcoming web meeting on global issues related to Bernese Mountain Dogs please contact the BMDCA International Relations Chair.

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Alliance Clubs — Websites

     Boyero de Berna Club (BBCA) http://www.boyerodebernaclub.com.ar/

     Bernese Mountain Dog Club of South Australia (BMDCSA) http://www.bmdcsa.com/
     Bernese Mountain Dog Club of Victoria http://www.bmdcv.com.au
     Bernese Mountain Dog Club of WA (Western Australia) Inc. http://www.bernesewa.com.au

     Belgische Berner-Sennen Club (BBSC) http://www.berner-sennen.be/
     Belgische Klub voor Zwitserse Sennenhonden (BKVS) http://www.bkzs.net/

     Clube do Bernese (CPBB) http://www.cpbb.com.br/

     The Bernese Mountain Dog Club of Canada http://www.bmdcc.ca/cms/

Czech Republic
     Club for Swiss Mountain Dogs (KSSP) - Klub švýcarských salašnických psû http://www.kssp.cz/

     Dansk Berner Sennen Klub (DBS) http://www.berner-sennen.dk/

     EESTI SVEITSI ALPI KARJAKOERTE TÕUÜHING (Bernese Mountain Dog Club) http://esakt.eu/

     Swiss Mountain and Cattle Dog Club of Finland http://sennenkoirat.net/site/188

     Association Française des Bouviers Suisse (AFBS) http://www.afbs-asso.com/

     Deutschen Club für Berner Sennenhunde (DCBS) http://www.dcbs.de/
     Schweizer Sennenhund-Verein für Deutschland e.V. (SSV) http://www.ssv-ev.de/

Great Britain
     Bernese Mountain Dog Club of Great Britain (BMD Club GB) http://www.bernese.co.uk/

       Bernese Mountain Dog Club of Ireland http://www.berneseclubireland.com/
       The Bernese Mountain Dog Club of Scotland http://bmdcos.btck.co.uk/

     Magyar Bernipásztor Egyesület (Bernese Mountain Dog Club of Hungry) (BSHC) http://www.bshc.fw.hu/

     Contact address shterzer@netvision.net.il

     Club Italiano Amatori Bovari Svizzeri (CIABS) http://www.ciabs.it/

     LATVIJAS ŠVECICES KALNU SUŅU KLUBS (LŠKSK) http://www.sennenlatvia.com/

     Zennenhundai http://www.zenenhundai.lt

New Zealand
     The Bernese Mountain Dog Club of New Zealand (BMDCNZ) http://www.bernese.org.nz/index.asp?ID=3

     Vereniging de Berner Sennenhond (VBSH) http://www.bernersennen.nl/
     Nederlandse Berner Sennen Vereniging (NBSV) http://www.bernersennenhond.nl/

     Norsk Berner Sennenhund Klubb http://www.berner-sennen.no

     Associacäo Portuguesa dos Boieiros Suicos (APBS) http://www.apbs.pt/

     Bernese Mountain Dog Club of Russia http://www.sennenhund.ru

     Slovakian Club of Swiss Mountain Dogs (SKSSP) http://www.skssp.eu/phpmenu.php

     Bernese Mountain Dog Club of Slovenia (SKBPP) http://bernski-klub.si/

     Club Espanol de Boyeros Suizos http://www.planetech.es/index.html

Svenska (Sweden)
     Svenska Sennenhundklubben, SShK http://www.sshk.a.se

     Bernese Mountain Dog Club of Switzerland http://kbs.5t5.ch/