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AKC Gazette - October 1996

Versatility and Other Awards

The Bernese Mountain Dog Club of America (BMDCA) has decided to honor Bernese that earn titles in conformation, obedience and drafting. At the 1996 national we inaugurated the Versatility Award. The 1995 yearbook showcased the 26 Bernese that qualified for this prestigious distinction with a picture and pedigree. Congratulations to the dogs and their handlers.

The award provides a way to celebrate the breed's beauty and ability. Including the drafting title is to confirm the ability to perform one aspect of the work for which the breed was originally used. The owner must be a BMDCA member and the dog must have an AKC championship, a BMDCA Novice Draft Dog title and an AKC Companion Dog, Tracking Dog or Novice Agility title. Dogs that qualify will be honored at each year's national.

Winning the year's largest gathering of Bernese is an unforgettable accomplishment. When the same dog does it twice, it's spectacular. At age 6, Ch. Swiss Stars Blue Baron, owned by Michael and Karolyn Reed and bred by Bill and Bobbie Hefner, came from Veteran Dogs 6 Years and Older 9 Years to win his second national. His first was in 1992.

Baron joins two-time winners Ch. Alpenhorn's Copyright of Echo (D.G. and G. Johnson; 1977 and '78), who was also the breed's first BIS, and Ch. Donar v Mutschen (Hans and JoDee Hauser; 1991 and '93). Since our first national in 1976, only one Berner has won the event three times. In 1980, '82 and '83, Ch. Ashley v Bernerliebe, C.D. (Christina and Joel Ohlsen), romped his way to a record that is yet to be broken.

A highlight of our annual banquet I is the awarding of plaques for the previous year's top winners in conformation, obedience and agility. The dogs must be owned by a BMDCA member at the time they earn the title. I thank records chair Alison Jaskiewicz for ably compiling the very complex data.

* BMDCA Top Conformation Dog. A dog earns a point for each dog it defeats at each level of competition: BOS, B.B., Group and BIS. For the third year in a row, the winner is Ch. De-Li's Foregone Conclusion, owned by John Dreaney and Lilian Ostermiller and bred by Cheryl Grau and Ostermiller. Rusty's 1995 wins include one BIS, two Group I, five Group II, two Group III and three Group IV. He earned 4,366 points land defeated 231 BMDs.

The 1995 Top Conformation Bitch is Ch. Nashems Taylor Maid, owned land bred by Sara Karl. Taylor's '95 wins include two Group I, two Group II, two Group III and two Group IV. She earned 1,368 points and defeated 329 BMDs. She's continuing her winning ways into '96 with a BIS and by going BOS at the '96 national.

* BMDCA Top Obedience Winners. In Novice A and B, Open A and Utility A, the first three qualifying scores are averaged. In Open B and Utility B, all qualifying scores are averaged, and there must be at least three such scores. Top Novice A is Ch. Gruezi Creme de la Creme, C.D., owned by Karla Getzel and bred by Krista, Ardene and Walter Getzel. In 1995 Linzi earned one first, two third and one fourth in Novice A at all- breed obedience trials, with an aver- age score of 193.8.

Top Novice B is Ch. Scandia's Breezy Day V Bev's, C.D., N .A., NDD, owned by Ingrid Hubbard and bred by Beverly Burney. Wendy went High in Trial at our '95 national. Her average score was 193.8. Wendy also won Top Novice A Agility, placing fourth in the Novice A 24-inch class at two all-breed agiliyy trials. Her average score was 97.7. !

Top Open A is Brighteye Mont-EI Watch Me, CDX, owned by Elsie Montalbano and bred by Deborah Hotze. In 1995, Rolex earned a first and a third in Open A at all-breed obedience trials, with an average score of 192.2.

Top Open B is Brighteye Shelby Mine, CDX, owned by Beverly Jurinek and bred by Hotze. Shelby qualified four times in Open B in 1995, including first place at a BMDCA regional in Wisconsin, with an average score of 189.5.

Top Utility A is Brighteye Chalet's Haley, U.D., owned by Kristi Osojnicki and bred by Hotze. In 1995, Haley placed third in Utility A at an all-breed obedience trial and first at a BMDCA regional in Wisconsin. Her average score was 181.7. She also won Top Open B for 1994.

Top Utility B is Ch. Swiss Star's Nitro Whatagas, UDTX, owned by April Rifenburg and bred by the Hefners. Nitro qualified three times in Utility B in 1995, including first place at the BMDCA national. His average score was 186.5. He was 1995 Top Open A and Band 1994 Top Utility A.

Top Novice B Agility is Ch. Ocooch Mt Annie O'Creekwood, N .A., owned by Michael and Cherlec Bond and bred by Mary and Gary Garbe and Darcy Cummings. Annie's average score was 100.

Hearty congratulations to all!

-Julie Crawford, Route 2, Box 110, Delmar, MD 21875.