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AKC Gazette - October 1994


The Bernese Mountain Dog Club of America (BMDCA) 1994 national was held April 28 through May 1 at The Embers Inn and Convention Center in Carlisle, Pa. The Potomac Valley BMDC-hosted event drew 517 dogs, the largest entry in the breed's history. It was our 19th annual national specialty. At our first, in Harrisburg, Pa., in 1976 there were just 71 in competition.

Show chair Katharine Donohew and the many who assisted her are to be greatly commended for such a successful show. The spacious grounds, all ground-floor accommodations and the gracious attitude of The Embers made it a perfect venue.

From an entry of 69, Mary Alice Eschweiler selected as Best in Futurity Bev's Royal Sun Fendi V BB, bred and owned by Beverly J. Burney. BOS was Skylyn's Chimera V Degrasso, bred by Christine L. Wixson and Barbara J. Grasso and owned by C.L. Wixson and Kimberly G. Blazyewski.

Dr. Mary Dawson's Best Junior Puppy in Sweepstakes was Newcastle's Country Gentleman, bred and owned by Patricia A Smith. Best Senior Puppy and Best in Sweepstakes from a total entry of 170 was Skylyn's Cooper V Degrasso, bred by C.L. Wixson and Grasso and owned by Chris Wixson McLean and Pam Wixson.

Veteran Sweeps attracted an entry of 51-almost 10 percent of the total entry for the show. With competition open to neutered dogs and spayed bitches, the event is a showcase for many seniors that are ineligible for regular Veteran classes where winners compete for Best of Breed. Linda M. Mickelson's Best in Veteran Sweeps was Ch. Dallybecks Echo Jackson, C.D., bred by Andrew and Marjorie Reho and owned by Bill and Barbara Hefner. BOS was his dam, Ch. Dallybecks Cresta V Bergita, C.D., breeder-owned by the Rehos.

Of special interest was the opportunity to see in the Maturity classes one exhibit of either sex from each of three generations, exhibited oldest to youngest. There were seven trios. Neutered and spayed exhibits were eligible. The winning family was Ch. Dallybecks Echo Jackson, C.D., his son Ch. Swiss Stars Blue Baron (bred by the Hefners and owned by Michael and Karolyn Reed) and Blue Baron's son Swiss Stars Bully Bear (bred by the Hefners and owned by Shelly and Fred Schardt).

Mr. and Mrs. John James of Mansfield, Nottinghamshire, U.K., judged conformation. Mr. James presided over the regular and non-regular Dog classes and Best of Breed.. His W.D. and B.W. was Bev's Royal Sun Fendi V BB. RWD was Shersan Overdrive V Briel, bred by Robert and Carolyn Kinley and owned by Carolyn Kinley and Ellen M. Klein. In Veteran Dogs, the 6-to-9- Years winner was Ch. Dallybecks Echo Jackson, C.D., and the 9-Years-and-Older winner was Ch. Chancellor of Bull Valley, bred by Susan Shambeau and owned by Lynn and John Griffin.

Mrs. James' W.B. was Tallpines Misty Meadow, bred by Dawn and Douglas Hitchcock and owned by Diane Bussey and Dawn Hitchcock. RWB was October Simply Irresistible, bred by Sharon C. Smith, who co- owns with Wesley Smith. In Veteran Bitches the 6-to-9- Years-Old winner was Ch. De-Li's Sylvia Proudly Sez, breeder-owned by Lilian Ostermiller, and the 9-Years-and-Older winner was Ch. Deer Park Kirke V. Adlerhorst, bred by Denise Dean and owned by Judy Butenas.

Best bf Breed competition had a spectacular entry of 77 specials. Mr. James gave the final nod to Ch. De-Li's Foregone Conclusion, bred by Cheryl Grau and Ostermiller, owned by John Dreaney and Ostermiller, and handled by Michele Ostermiller. BOS was Ch. Arnika Vom Werdenfels, bred by Elke and Franz Hollenbach and owned by Deborah Hotze.

Ch, Dallybeck's Echo Jackson, C.D., won the Stud Dog class. Ch. Gruezi Dear Abby, C.D., bred by Ardene, Walter and Krista Getzel and owned by Deborah J. Wilkins, took the Brood Bitch class.

In obedience the Highest Scoring Dog in Regular Classes under Marie Huffman was Windy Knob's Finishing Touch, bred and owned by Jerry Hughes, with a score of 197 1/2.

Mickelson's Best Junior Handler was Heather Bremmer from the Open Senior class.

Once he made the final selections, Mr. James reviewed the field for his Awards of Merit. The recipients were Ch. Ltng Ridge Ilsa of Lks Edge, owner: Maria C. Wright; breeder: J. and N. Miniter; Ch. De-Li's Rhythm of Triellen, owner: Ellen Lechner and Ostermiller; breeder: Lechner and A. Miller; Ch. Friichtenicht's Freedom Seeker, owner: Glenn and Deborah Hotze; breeder: Jeff and Beth Friichtenicht; Ch. October Blue Mt's Made to Win, owner: Raime Campbell; breeder: Sharon Smith; Ch. Rikki V Geissberg, owner: Sandra J. Hawkins; breeder: Eugen Frei; Ch. October's Im A Believer, owner: Sharon and Jerry Smith; breeder: Sharon Smith and G. Gavin; and Ch. Dallybecks Echo Jackson, C.D.

Non-AKC events attracted a large entry. The breed's versatility was demonstrated in the BMDCA draft test, agility, Canine Good Citizen and Therapy Dog International tests and American Temperament Testing Society temperament tests. It's gratifying to see our wonderful working dogs get so many opportunities to use their intelligence.

Carting is a natura1for BMDs; it was just one of many jobs they performed on farms in their native Switzerland. Who will forget our delight in the unexpected sight of Allison Jaskiewicz' Jay Jay pulling his cart around the grounds with a full-grown Berner seated majestically in it? It was a great show!

The prestigious Outstanding Service Award went to Deborah Mulvey, who has served the club selflessly and tirelessly in a variety of capacities-president, show chair, director, judges study group chair and now as judges education chair-always showing fairness and concern for others. She particularly advocates education at a variety of levels as the most effective tool to safeguard the future of BMDs, and is truly dedicated to the breed's best interests.

-Julie Crawford, Route 2, Box 110, Delmar, MD 21875.