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AKC Gazette - July 1994


Statistics for 1993 are now official. Alison Jaskiewicz, Bernese Mountain Dog Club of America records chair, very ably collected and compiled the data from the American Kennel Club and the BMDCA Draft Work Committee. We are indebted to her for making this information available so we may present some of the highlights and use the data for observation, in conjunction with some statistics from past BMDCA yearbooks.

Since 1937, when the breed was recognized by the AKC, 14,776 BMDs were individually registered. In 1993, 1,458 BMDs were registered, compared to 482 in 1983. In the 10 years since 1983, 10,564 BMDs were registered, which is 71 percent of all the BMDs registered since 1937! There were 330 litters in 1993, 10 more than 1992; there were 120 litters in 1983.

The stud book entries are of special interest. Jaskiewicz notes, "Each dog or bitch used for breeding is published in the AKC Stud Book only once, the first time they have a litter registered. Therefore, these figures do not reflect the numbers of litters produced, but the change in the size of the breeding population." In 1993 there were 243 listings (86 dogs, 157 bitches) while in 1983 there were 82 (28 dogs, 54 bitches). The five-year total including 1993 is 1,047 (335 dogs, 712 bitches), which is a sizable number.

The increasing popularity of the breed is clearly evident. Breeders must strive to make selecting only the best for breeding of quintessential importance and to educate newcomers accordingly. This is emphatically underscored when one realizes that each year in the 1990s more BMDs were registered than in all the years from 1937 to 1970. To educate those new to the BMD about the importance of making informed judgments about breeding, we offer Congratulations on Your New Bernese Mountain Dog, available from the BMDCA, 2510 Char Street, Orlando, FL 32839.

Titles Earned in 1993

For comparison, the information is listed as follows: title, number earned in 1993/total cumulative titles for BMDs since 1937.

Ch.: 142/1,631; CD: 47/630; CDX: 9/105; UD: 3/19; TD: 2/49; TDX: 1/4; Novice Draft Dog: 13/30; Draft Dog: 4/6 (titles in drafting began in 1991).

These statistics should be of interest to those seeking information on the BMD's ability to earn titles. The average score for all classes in obedience in 1993 was 185.63; in 1992, 185.75; in 1991, 186.3. In 1993, 105 BMDs earned one or more qualifying scores. In conformation, they compet- ed in 972 shows in 1993.

BMDCA Salutes 1993's Top Winners

The top winners in the conformation and obedience rings that are owned by BMDCA members are eligible for the club's awards. Congratulations to their owners, breeders and handlers for bringing them to the attention of a1l dog fanciers.

Conformation winners are calculated by awarding one point for each dog defeated at each level of competition: BOS, BB, Group placements and Best in Show.

Top Conformation Dog: Ch. De-Li's Foregone Conclusion, owner: John Dreaney and Lilian Ostermiller; breeder: Cheryl Grau and Ostermiller; one BIS, three Group I, three Group II, two Group III and four Group IV; amassing 4,218 points and defeated 355 BMDs.

Top Conformation Bitch: Ch. De-Li's Trisha V Nesselacker, owner: Karen Desiderio and Ostermiller; breeder: Ostermiller; one Group II, five Group III and two Group IV; captured 2,199 points and defeated 673 BMDs."

Seventeen dogs and 12 bitches earned Group placements in the conformation ring, and many of them earned several placements.

In calculating obedience winners, the first three qualifying scores are averaged in Novice A and B, Open A and Utility A In Open B and Utility B all qualifying scores are averaged and there must be a minimum of three such scores.

Top Novice A Obedience Dog: Ch. Arthos Von Dorneckberg, CD, owner: Jolie and Martin Kaufmann-Laker; breeder: Adelheid and Beat Balzli; average score 191.8. In 1993 he placed first in Novice A at two all- breed obedience trials.

Top Novice B Obedience Dog: Ch. Nighttime's Carry-On Kyla Moon, CD, owner: Anne Nichols; breeder: Sharon Kranz and Nichols; average score 197.2. In 1993 she earned five first, one second and two third placements at all-breed obedience trials.

Top Open A and Open B Obedience Dog: Ch. Swiss Star's Nitro Whatagas, CDX, TDX, owner: April Rifenburg; breeder: Barbara and William Hefner; average score 191.2 in Open A and 192.3 in Open B. In 1993 he earned one first and one third placement in Open A and qualified three times in Open B at all-breed obedience trials.

Top Utility A Obedience Dog: Random's Rabble Rouser, UD, owner/breeder: Patricia Lasco, average score 184.2. In 1993 he earned two. first and one third placement in Utility A at all-breed obedience trials.

Top Utility B Obedience Dog: No BMD earned three or more qualifying scores in Utility B in 1993. Fifteen other Berners distinguished them- selves by earning placements.

Growth in numbers is occurring and so is achievement. May the former never overshadow the latter.

1993 Yearbook Available

The 1993 Yearbook of the BMDCA is available for $30, including postage, from Deborah Godfrey, Ways and Means, Marketing, BMDCA, 131 Winters Road, Butler, PA 16001. This impressive and informative publication honors the breed's top winners and producers and the year's title holders in picture and pedigree. A complete records report, including hip and elbow information, is included.

- Julie Crawford, 26391 May Twilley Rd., Delmar, MD 21875