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AKC Gazette - July 1992


Although we're already past mid-1992, this is the first opportunity to" present some of the records for 1991, We are indebted to Alison Jaskiewicz, BMDCA Records chairperson, for having sent these in advance of their publication in the BMDCA 1992 Yearbook for use in this column. We have gleaned information from her report that should be of interest to any serious BMD fancier.

BMDCA Salutes 1991 's Top Winners

While the following may first impress you, the reader, as something better saved for the BMDCA's own publications, it may be of more interest than one would think. First, it is revelatory of what this breed is doing in the conformation and obedience rings. Secondly, it is testimony of the national club's intense interest in recognizing the successes of the breed. Thirdly, it is a genuine pleasure to further applaud these dogs, owners and breeders through publication in the GAZETTE.

Each owner will have received a plaque of recognition at the BMDCA national specialty. Further, each dog will have been accorded two pages in the 1991 BMDCA Yearbook, with one page showing a five-generation pedigree and the facing page having a picture and statement supplied by the owner. It is exciting to be a part of a national club that salutes excellence.

A BMDCA top conformation dog must be owned by a BMDCA member. The choice is based upon the following system, as established by the BMDCA: In the conformation ring, a dog earns a point for each dog defeated at each level of competition: Best of Opposite Sex, Best of Breed, Group placements and Best in Show.

Top Conformation Dog Ch. De-Li's Standing Ovation, or Clay, is owned and bred by Lilian Ostermiller. Clay's wins in 1991 included two Bests in Show, two Group I's, eight Group II's, nine Group Ill's and four Group IV's. He earned 9,227 points. This is Clay's second year in a row as the BMDCA's Top Conformation Dog.

Top Conformation Bitch Ch. Trilogy's Chang O'Tempo is owned by Ian and Cynthia Valentine and was bred by Susan Tramp. Her wins in 1991 included one Group II, two Group Ill's and two Group IV's. She earned 573 points.

In obedience, the top winner must be owned by a BMDCA member at the time the title is earned. The BMDCA's method of selection is based upon the following: In Novice A, Novice B, Open A and Utility A, the first three qualifying scores are averaged. In Open B and Utility B, all qualifying scores are averaged, and there must be a minimum of three such scores. The BMDCA recognizes the top winners in all six obedience classes.

Top Novice A Obedience Dog Greenway's Piper Heidsick, C.D., owned by Dierdre Laveran and bred by Ruth Nimick, had an average score of 192. In 1991, he placed first in the Novice A class at one alI-breed obedience trial.

Top Novice B Obedience Dog Ch. Random's Kalista, C.D., owned and bred by Dr. Patricia Losco, had an average score of 191.8. In 1991, she placed second and third in the Novice B class all-breed obedience and fourth in Novice B at the BMDCA national specialty.

Top Open A Obedience Dog Gunnison Von Speicher, C.D.X., owned by Fred and Margaret Bartell and bred by Jean and Leland Smith, had an average score of 193.8. In 1991, she earned first, second and third placements in the Open A class at all-breed obedience trials.

Top Open B Obedience Dog Sandusky's Ceteris Paribus, C.D.X.; owned by Lloyd Komatsu and Kathleen Galotti and bred by Sandra Ongemach, had an average score of 192.1. He qualified in Open B five times in 1991.

Top Utility A Obedience Dog Sandusky's Mutadis Mutandis, U.D., owned by Kathleen Galotti and Lloyd Komatsu and, bred by Sandra Ongemach, had an average score of 187.8. In 1991, she placed second in Utility A, at an all-breed obedience trial.

There was no Top, Utility B Obedience Dog because no BMD earned three or more qualifying scores in Utility B in 1991.

Heartiest congratulations are extended to the owners and breeders of these shining stars of 1991.

BMDCA Recognizes Accomplishments

Each title achieved by a Bernese and its BMDCA owner is recognized with a handsome bronze medal suitable for the owner to wear as a necklace or use as a key chain ornament. On the back are engraved the initials of the title. These are sent automatically with a cover letter of congratulations. The recipient is then invited to submit a picture and pedigree for inclusion in the BMDCA's Yearbook. It is really a lovely way to say congratulations and to let fellow members know about titleholders.

One of the most exciting honors is having one's dog named a Top Producer in conformation and/or obedience. To attain the title of BMDCA Top Producer, a dog must have sired at least six champions or obedience titled dogs; a bitch must have produced at least four. The award is given on a one-time basis. The recipients are showcased in a special section of the BMDCA Yearbook with a full page that includes a picture and copy supplied by the owner. The BMDCA Yearbook annually updates the number of get and their accomplishments for each Top Producer,

Where We Are and Where We've Been

The number of titles awarded in 1991 as compared with 1981 is of great interest, as are the cumulative titles for BMDs. The following comparison lists the number of awards in chronological order (1981 then 1991) plus the cumulative number since 1937: championships (Ch.): 44, 139 and 1,339; C.D.ís: 16, 50 and 529; C.D.X.ís 1,10 and 77; UD.'s: 0, 5 and 14; T.D.'s: 2, 5 and 46; T.D.X. 's: 0, 1 and 3; and 7 Novice Draft Dogs, a title first offered in 1991.

The titles awarded in 1991 as compared with 1981 indicate the continued growth of the BMD's popularity. They signal the need for continued vigilance on the part of breeders to maintain quality and to screen carefully those who wish to own a BMD. Only through such efforts can BMPCA members carry out their role in fu1fil1ing the BMDCA's constitutional mandate in its first objective, "To do all possible; to bring the natural qualities of the Bernese Mountain Dog (Berner Sennenhund) to perfection." When one has succeeded, the BMDCA lauds those accomplishments through its awards. May they be ever sought after as rewards for offering the best rather than as self-aggrandizement at the expense of "... the natural perfection of the breed."

- Julie Crawford, 26391 May Twilley Rd., Delmar, MD 21875