BMDCA Info Series

There is a lot to consider when buying a dog. First, decide on a breed. Then find a responsible breeder who will work with you and for you in finding the right pup. Doing your homework is worth it because you are looking for a new best friend!
To assist you in your preliminary research the BMDCA offers the following...


About & Buying BMDs

► About the BMD
    *Origins, *General Appearance & Size, *Temperament, *Living Environment, *Grooming & more...
► The Versatile BMD
    *Activities overview
► Frequently Asked Questions
    *Cost, *Guarantees, *Children and Bernese, *Other pets and Bernese & more...
► Buying Tips
    *Tips for talking with BMDCA members who breed, BMDCA Breed Ambassadors, *Internet Research, *Identifying a reputable breeders, *Contracts & more...
► Health
    *Diseases Affecting Bernese Mountain Dogs, *Lifespan & more...
► Learning About BMDs Through Berner-Garde
    *The BGF database is a research tool for puppy buyers who want to learn about BMD breeders and some of their breeding practices.
► Health & Welfare of the BMD
    Working with the BMDCA & BGF for the Welfare of the BMD

Resources (Rescue & Regional Clubs)

► Rescue
    *An overview of the BMDCA's Rescue and rehoming program and Regional club rescue network
► Clubs & Resources
    *A summary of key club programs, *breeder referral, *Berner-Garde's health database, *breed information websites, *reading list & more...

Bernese photo

To learn more about day to day care and responsible management of Bernese Mountain Dogs and explore health and genetic testing information available through CHIC, AKC, pedigrees & Berner-Garde please review...

BMD Health & Care

► Health Info Sources
► A Puppy's First Year
► Grooming
► Training Tips
► Considerations for Responsible Breeding
► Geriatric Care
► End-of-Life Care

Berners and their owners find vast enjoyment in numerous, competitive events and non-competitive activities. To discover Bernese abilities as working dogs see...

Activities with BMDs

► Agility
► Conformation & Junior Showmanship
► Draft Work
► Herding
► Obedience
► Therapy Work
► Tracking

Info Series Sheets - Numbered List

01_bernese_basics_about.pdf | 02_bernese_basics_versatile.pdf | 03_bernese_basics_faq.pdf | 04_bernese_health_issues.pdf | 05_bernese_dogcare_puppy's_first_year.pdf | 06_bernese_activities_tracking.pdf | 07_bernese_activities_obedience.pdf | 08_bernese_activities_herding.pdf | 09_bernese_activities_draft.pdf | 10_bernese_activities_agility.pdf | 11_bernese_club_regional_resources.pdf | 12_bernese_basics_buying_tips.pdf | 13_bernese_dogcare_grooming_hygiene.pdf | 14_bernese_dogcare_geriatric_care.pdf | 15_bernese_club_rescue.pdf | 16_bernese_health_information_sources.pdf | 17_bernese_activities_conformation_junior_showmanship.pdf | 18_bernese_activities_therapy_dog.pdf | 19_bernese_dogcare_end_of_life_care.pdf | 20_bernese_dogcare_responsible_breeding.pdf | 21_bernese_health_learning_about_bmds_bernergarde.pdf | 22_bernese_dogcare_training.pdf | 23_bernese_health_bmdca_bgf_bmd_welfare.pdf |