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Joye Neff joye.neff@gmail.com

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♦ Editorial Office ♦

Elizabeth (Robin) Hamme, Editor-in-Chief

Issue Focus
Winter (January - March) — Veterans / Rescue
Spring (April - June) — Activities / Training / Puppies
Summer (July - September) — National Specialty
Fall (October - December) — Health / Breeding

Author, Reader, and Photo Contributions
The Alpenhorn Editor-in-Chief considers manuscripts at any time. Please be aware that authors/photographers do not receive financial compensation for manuscripts/photographs that are accepted for publication and that submission does not guarantee publication. Manuscripts are subject to editing. Photos will be credited.

BMDCA members are the primary audience for The Alpenhorn, but our readership includes many non-members who are fanciers of the Bernese Mountain Dog. The readership is international. The language used is formal written American English.

Article Topics, Length, and Level
In general, manuscripts should not exceed 1,200 words. While we have pet owners as readers, this is a breed publication. Topics of interest include, but are not limited to, the sport of dogs, adult canine and puppy health, training, conformation, performance and working activities, junior participation, therapy work, nutrition, breed history, the international dog scene, genetics, breeding, judging and coverage of the BMDCA National Specialty. We seek articles that introduce, educate, explain, integrate, and entertain.

Deadline for Contributions
Manuscripts can be submitted for consideration at any time. Manuscripts that have been accepted for publication by The Alpenhorn staff must have been received by The Alpenhorn Editor-in-Chief absolutely no later than the following dates for each issue:

  1. Winter — November 1
  2. Spring — February 1
  3. Summer — May 1*
  4. Fall — August 1

*For National Specialty-related material, the date will vary by specific National Specialty and be announced annually. For all other material, May 1 is the standing deadline date.

Photo Requirements
Photos must be provided at a minimum 300 DPI, at minimum 7 inches wide. Note: Cover photos must be sized to a minimum 9 inches wide and 12 inches tall. A signed photo release is required for publication. Any Berner(s) shown in photos must have a Berner-Garde # and that number must be provided with the photograph.

          Email: BMDCA Alpenhorn Editor